How to Block a Domain on Safari (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

Need to block a domain name on Safari? With these simple steps you'll be able to block any website (such as on Safari on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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STEP 1 Open SafaShield

First you need to install SafaShield on your iOS device (e.g iPhone or iPad with at least iOS 13) and once done, open the app.

STEP 2 Click on Block -> Domain Name

On the app interface, at the bottom click on the "Block" menu (like in the screenshot), and then on the "Domain Name" option.

STEP 3 Enter Domain Name

Click on the "+" symbol and then on "Add New". In the new window you can enter the domain name to block, such as

Operation Completed

Now the domain you have entered (such as and all its subdomains (such as or will be blocked.

Browse websites faster and safer

Block types of domains that you don't often visit, such as most abused TLDs or internationalized domains, and reduce the attack surface.

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