Improve Safari safe browsing and block unwanted domains

Developed by NoVirusThanks, SafaShield app can be used to block most abused TLDs, internationalized domains, IP-like domains, advertisements, web trackers, and more on Safari.

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Smart protection options

Use Safari with an additional safety

SafaShield provides some smart built-in protection options that can help block suspicious and unwanted domains on Safari web browser.

Block Most Abused TLDs

Malicious domains are known to use some specific domain TLDs, such as .top, .live or .xyz.

Block IP-like Domains

It is very uncommon and suspicious to directly browse an IPv4 address such as

Block Free Hosting Domains

Free hosting domain like can be used to host phishing and malware.

Block Free Dynamic DNS

Free dynamic DNS domains like can be used to host phishing and malware.

Block Punycode Domains

Internationalized domains can look like official domains and be used for phishing.

Block Advertisements

You can easily block common ads on mostly any website (except ads on videos).

Block Web Trackers

The app blocks common web trackers known to track user activity and user behaviors.

Block Cookie Banners

If you don't like annoying cookie banners you can block most of them with this app.

Block Unsecure Connections

You can block http:// connections (this will also block direct searches on Safari search bar).


Use this option to redirect any unsecure http:// connection to secure HTTPS:// connection.

Block Porn Domains

You can block popular porn and adult domains such as po*rnhub, youpo*n, xhams*er, etc.

Custom Blocks & Allows

You can block custom domains by domain name or TLD and you can whitelist custom domains.

Key benefits

Improve Safari security, browse websites faster, save battery life

With SafaShield you can improve Safari security by blocking unwanted domains, protect your privacy by blocking ads and trackers, browse websites 2-5x faster and save iPhone and iPad battery.

Faster Web Browsing

Blocking ads, trackers and widgets will make the websites load faster and you will save the battery.

Improved Security

Thanks to our smart built-in block rules you can increase the security of your web browsing.

Key benefits
Suspicious domain

Suspicious domains

Tired of getting popups from .top or .live domains on iPhone and iPad?

If you have an iPhone or iPad device you may have encountered spam popups coming from most abused domain TLDs such as .top or .live domains that promote scam products and are very obstrusive.

Block Most Abused TLDs

Enabling the option to block most abused TLDs you will block any domain with .top or .live TLD.

Block Custom TLDs

Easily block any domain TLD that you don't often visit, such as .cc, .cn, .ru, .net, .info, .gd, etc

Ad blocker

Can't utilize a website due to too many advertisements?

When you visit new websites there is a high chance to encounter obstrusive ads that make the website unusable, but don't go in panic... There is a solution for this! SafaShield is here to help you.

Block Ads & Popups

Enabling the option to block ads will block most advertisements and popups in many websites.

Acceptable Ads

Support websites that you trust and that you visit often by adding them on the Acceptable Ads list.

Ad blocker
Unwanted domains

Unwanted domains

Don't know how to block a domain and its subdomains in Safari?

With SafaShield it is very easy to block an entire domain or a domain TLD in Safari browser. There are many situations where you may want to block a domain or an entire domain TLD in Safari.

Block by Domain Name

To block a domain and its subdomains just add in the input and click Save button.

Block by Domain TLD

To block an entire TLD just enter the TLD like .top or .xyz in the input and click Save button.

Our achievements

Loved and trusted by awesome users

Finally a simple iPhone and iPad app that can block most ads (althought not on videos), trackers and custom domains... Very long awaited!

Giordano M.

Many of the websites I was visiting were full of too many ads and popups, but what I hated most where the .top scam "You Won" popup alerts.

Rosalind B.

For my simple needs SafaShield is working flawlessy, I can block some unwanted domains with ease and now websites load much faster.

Roland G.

What I love of SafaShield: block custom domain extensions, block ads but allow them on some websites I trust, block web trackers, simple to use!

Paul M.

Browse websites faster and safer

Block types of domains that you don't often visit, such as most abused TLDs or internationalized domains, and reduce the attack surface.

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